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Social objective : As the average age in India will increase in coming decades there will be a rise in lifestyle diseases which will impact us socio-economically. In such scenario we think the best solution is to create awareness of nutrition intake so that preventive measures can be taken and a disease can be delayed or avoided and built breakthrough innovative nutritional products which will be focused on preventing curing of lifestyle diseases.

Our Mission : 'longlivelives.com is a nutrition company which is comitted to create a positive impact in the society by providing nutrition to all. In this journey we are providing such combination of nutrition which will help our customers to either cure there lifestyle disease or prevent illnesses to occur at a later stages of their life.

Mr. Vishal Agrawal

(Co-founder) Ms Entrepreneurship University of Manchester, UK

Miss. Puja Agrawal

(Co-founder) Bachelor in Computer Engineering ,MBA in Marketing & Finance

Dr Sanjeev Agrawal

Co-founder DNB Ortho

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