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Joint fresh is nutraceuticals powder safe for use, this is based on safe & harmless nutraceuticals theory.

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Product Details:


Type & Formation: Nutraceutical Package Include, 1 Joint fresh box with 15 sachets of Joint fresh nutraceutical powder, each sachet contain 15 gm. Free flow material in powder form.

Container Type: Box Quantity 15 Sachet.

Joint fresh is nutraceuticals powder safe for use, this is based on safe & harmless nutraceuticals theory.

Joint fresh Contain Spinacia oleracea 1 gm with other ingredients useful in cartilage and joint health. Spinacia oleracea extract is manufactured according to know-how obtained from CSIR- Central Drug Research Institute Lucknow on which patent is filed in India and the USA for the role in Cartilage and joint health.

Joint fresh also contains other ingredients like Collagen peptide, Glucosamine sulphate, Rosehip extract, Curcumin and Vitamin-C.

As per trails conducted by CSIR-CDRI show that Spinacea Oleracea extract (Active Molecule Pterospermin-C) shows properties of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, chondroprotective and anti-arthritic in nature, as well as Spinacea, has the property of rebuilding cartilage to some extent in the early stages of osteoarthritis. Other ingredients like Curcumin, Collagen Peptide, Rosehip extract, Glucosamine Sulphate, and Vitamin-C, helps to reduce Joints Pain, Backache, Muscular Sprain and Stiffness of Joints. Regular consumption of Joint fresh powder improves overall joint health. Joint fresh nutraceuticals powder have been formulated by using time-tested herbs and nutraceuticals to help in Cartilage and joint health management.

  1. Adults: Proprietary food dissolves 1 sachet daily in 100-150 ml of drinking water, stir well & drink immediately.
  2. It is advised to take Jointfresh powder before meals empty stomach for better absorption of the ingredients, as a result, will give enhanced results

Essential Instructions & Caution to use Jointfresh nutraceuticals powder:

  1. Taking Jointfresh empty stomach is advisable as it will allow ingredients to absorb, which will give enhanced results of Jointfresh
  2. It is advised to take Joint fresh nutraceuticals powder along with lukewarm water.
  3. Jointfresh is not used as a substitute for a varied diet.
  4. Each box contains 15 sachets of 15 grams each and dosage is 1 sachet a day. For good refreshing results recommended for 6 months minimum


Foor Steps oil

Type & Formation: Package Include, Foor Steps Ayurvedic oil 60 ml roll on pack free with Foor steps plus 90 capsule pack.

Container Type: Box Quantity 60 ml roll-on bottle pack.

About Foor Steps ayurvedic oil: Foor Steps oil is ayurvedic product without any side effects, this is purely based on safe & harmless Ayurvedic theory, as per trails this shows that it helps to reduce Joints Pain, Backache, Muscular Sprain, Stiffness of Joints, a regular local application of Foor Steps oil improves pain in rest, distance of walk, Stairs climbing and flexion of joint in case of knee arthritis. Foor Steps oil is Ayurvedic preparation and has been formulated by using time-tested Ayurvedic herbs for local external application on the skin on and around the suffering joint. It should not be applied to any wound or cut area and should not be consumed orally. Foor Steps ayurvedic oil is one of the best ayurvedic pain relief product in which herbal oil of different types has been used. These herbs possess anti-inflammatory activities and benefits in back pain, knee pain and joint pain.

How to use Foor Steps Ayurvedic oil.

Children and adults: Apply with roll-on bottle massage oil on and around the affected area/joint on the skin. Do not massage after applying the oil.
Best results are observed for regular use..
4Steps plus ayurvedic oil is purely an Ayurvedic preparation without any of side effects.

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The product contains

Ingredients Joint Fresh:

Spinacea oleracea - 1gm
Collagen peptides - 8gm
glucosamine Sulphate KCL - 1.5gm
Curcumin - 250mg
Rosehip extract - 250mg
Vitamin C - 60mg

Nutrional information (Approx):
Energy - 6.100 Kcal
Protein - 0.300 gm
Carbohydrates - 0.100gm
Fat - 0.500gm
Usage: Food for special dietary usage. (Proprietary food dissolve entire of sachet in 100 ml of drinking water, stir well & drink immediately.

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