Lifestyle diseases with the current trend and focus on arthritis!!


Would you believe the fact that we are the most creative generation the world has seen? Yes, it is true. But, wait!! Thinking the same from another perspective, we are the laziest generation of all time. On connecting the dots, you would understand that, being idle and lazy has made us more creative. On a positive note, this is truly great as we evolve as a society. But, considering the negative elements of this, we face the most dangerous type of diseases called the lifestyle diseases.

As the name suggests, this disease has major connection with the lifestyle we live. One other major factor that affects this is the diet. The food we eat, the work we do, the lifestyle and routine we live, etc. makes us who we are. These are the major causes for our diseases. And guess what!!! The lifestyle diseases serve as the base for certain other major health problems. In the current generation, it is ultimately a true story that many people get easily addicted to stuffs like drugs, alcohol, tobacco and much more. We aren’t travelling on the right side and we would be the first ever generation to destroy its own community. Do you want to live long enough? Here is where you must head to -

We have often noticed some people of our age having back pains, muscle cramps and other physical problems. That would be a moment of pain and it would subside. But, you know what!! One of the worst lifestyle diseases a teenage person in his 20’s to 30’s could have, is the arthritis. Having difficulties in stretching, bending and facing issues in regard to muscle strains, wear and tear of the joints, etc, would probably be something we generation should be ashamed of. Whatever be the activities you do in your daily life, being obese and weight is one important factor that contributes to arthritis. Rhuematoid Arthritis is something that many people suffer from in the present generation. Earlier, people who live up to the age of 100 would develop arthritis as a major disease. This is quite natural and acceptable. However, the present generation develop these days at a very young age. Thinking about the major factor that affects the arthritis as a lifestyle disease, weight would be considered as an important factor. One other important disease that could be categorized under the lifestyle diseases would be obesity. Being ridiculed and made fun of for a tummy is never the fault of others. Taking into consideration the fact that obesity and arthritis are a major factor that contribute to lifestyle diseases, it is sad that we design the way for high ranged chronic diseases.

Ok! So, are you still waiting for someone to say you what is the solution to all of this? It is quite obvious after this, right? The one stop solution for this would be EXERCISE. Yes, a word that makes you sulk and frown, right after it is said. A minimum of 40 minutes of exercise is required per day. Taking out few minutes from your daily routine, won’t affect the lifestyle in any way.

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